Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot Springs pics!

Here are some pics from the trip to Hot Springs, AR.

Life lately...

So---It's been a really long time since I have posted anything! But like I have said before.... I don't think I have a lot of people reading this anyway! So here goes nothing.... This will take awhile!

We have been a little busy lately. We have FINALLY gone to church at the United Methodist church here in town! YAY for us! I have been wanting to go since we first moved back here in April of this year, but just never seemed to make it. We went the Sunday before Thanksgiving and it was GREAT! We went to the Blue Jean Service which is very casual and laid back. They have a band that plays along with the songs, etc. Seth and I both had a blast! So that covers that week....

The next weekend was the Natchitoches Christmas Festival and Seth and I actually got to go together this year! We have always been working or doing other things on that weekend... but we did it together this year! YAY! We had a great time. We also had a house full! We had Seth's mom, his aunt, and cousin (Chase) and his sweet girlfriend (Leah). We were all packed into this little 2 bedroom townhouse! LOL! The mother-in-law and aunt slept in the guest bed, Chase on the couch, Leah on the blow up bed in our room, and us in our bed! LOL! It was wild....but we all made it! I had cheese and crackers, wine, etc. that night after the festivities and then cooked a nice breakfast the next morning. We had baked apple and cream cheese turnovers and cheese and bacon souffle'. Everyone raved and I was so glad!
I had worked (and stressed) all week about it!

The next weekend (which was last weekend) we went to Hot Springs for a little couples' get-a-way and it was FABULOUS! We went with our best friends Allie and Chris. We left Friday afternoon about noon, got into Hot Springs around 5PM, checked into the Arlington, had dinner, and then relaxed! The next morning we all went to breakfast at like 7am across the street from our hotel at this place called The Pancake House.....IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! Then Allie and I had a spa appointment (the boys went back to bed). We went to the hotel spa for mineral baths, hot/cold pack wraps, and massages. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I recommend it to everyone! After our spa session, we all went to the look out tower, went to Piccasso's Cupboard (a paint-your-own-pottery place)and Seth and I made a cute hanging; then we antique shopped, went to the mall, and the dinner at a fabulous steak house! The next morning we went back to the pancake house and then headed to Shreveport. We stopped there at the Boardwalk and had dinner at Copeland's Bistro. Another fabulous place! I totally recommend the Crab/Crawfish Bake as an appetizer and the Crawfish Ravioli as the main course! YUMMY YUMMY! Then we came home and I had to be back at work the next day!

WHEW.... that was a long post! But everyone is caught up in a nutshell! LOL! Hope you all enjoy! I will post some pics later!