Friday, February 13, 2009

I love surprises!

When I got to work today, I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Hubby sent these flowers to work!!!!! I know that it is 2 days BEFORE Valentine's Day....but we always celebrate it a little early because it's our dating anniversary (February 12th)! We have been together for 5 years!
Our story goes a little something like this: We started out as roomies. I needed a place to rent and my boyfriend at the time (we won't even mention his name....LOL) was Seth's Sigma Nu little brother. So the "then boyfriend" told me that Seth had an available room....I was glad that I had found a place to stay (and not mention I had always thought Seth was a cutie). I moved in not long after that....and we immediately hit it off! Within two weeks we were "dating." Valentine's Day was coming up and I was definitely not expecting a gift because we had not been dating long at all. Well.....2 days BEFORE Valentine's Day... I recieved a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet! I was totally surprised and very excited! My first piece of Tiffany jewelry! YAY!
Anyway.... Hubby can NEVER keep a secret or keep a gift until time to give it. He always gives it to me early...he even gave me my engagement ring early. He had only had the ring for 4 DAYS..... it was burning a hole in his pocket....LOL! Are y'all like hubby or can you wait to give people things???
I hope that y'all have a FABULOUS Valentine's Day! I love you!

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