Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been looking for a great pair of black and brown summer shoes because Manny has managed to chew mine up ALREADY! I have found the ones above on The only problem is that they are only in black or red (and they are $135)!I also like this pair. I know it's simple....but that's what I am looking for! This is from and these are $50!
I have been eyeing these since the fall!!! They are now on sale for $50! They were $80! I may have to get these! I could wear them year-round!

I LOVE this tankini from Old Navy! It's sooooo cute but covers my "ugliness!"

I also LOVE this crisp white dress from Old Navy! I may buy it for our annual "beach photo" in Destin in June! So cute and it comes in white, yellow, and PINK!!! I may buy all three....but definitely the white and PINK!

I am getting ready for SPRING and SUMMER! Anyone else ready?? Let me know what type of clothes you like to wear in spring and summer! Y'all have a GREAT day!

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  1. I like whatever YOU pick out for me.. so get to lookin' my dear Fashion Assistant!!! I so need to catch my blog up... the longer I wait, the longer I feel like my first post back is gonna be... but I just don't have time right now!! LOL!! Love you! Find me some clothes. I love all that you have picked out!!!! I'm so happy you can wear a tankini..I can't wear CRAP. NOTHING that shows my legs.. I can't even find a swimsuit.. but it doesn't matter now because I have ugly stretch I'm DEFINITELY not getting a swimsuit!


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