Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing catch-up.....

Hey y'all! I have been lazy and haven't blogged lately! We had a great Valentine's Day weekend. I hope that all of you did as well! We went to dinner at Bistro on the Bayou in Alexandria on Friday.... check out their website ( It is nestled on the old England Park Air Force Base in Alexandria. I had never been to the Base and it was neat to see it. They also have a REALLY nice boutique hotel there! The restaurant is beside the hotel and it is inside the old Officer's Club! It was all really awesome and the food was FANTASTIC! I had the "Steak Burns" and whipped potatoes with chives. Seth had the Filet Mignon with the potatoes as well! I highly recommend it.
Then on Saturday we went to Shreveport to see 3 Doors Down with my dad and his date. We bought the concert tickets back in September for Daddy's birthday and they postponed the concert until Valentine's Day! It wasn't exactly the way we wanted to spend our V-Day, but it wasn't too bad. We went to the Texas Roadhouse to eat (which is awesome.... I LOVE their steaks) and then we had a room at the Hampton Inn so that we didn't have to drive all the way back to Haughton after the concert......anyway....It was a great weekend and it was WAYYYYYYY too short! Seth and I both had to work the next day! :(

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  1. Drive all the way back to Haughton??? From CenturyTel?? LOL..Did you mean drive all the way back to Many?


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