Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm at it again..... Hope you enjoy my finds as much as I have!

*** I found these REALLY cute black heels....I need some black heels. The ones I have are soooooo uncomfortable! These are great because they could be dressed down or up and the best part....they come in black AND brown! I want BOTH pair! They are from

*** Here's another pair from Urban Outfitters....they are more casual but really cute! They are $70....a little steep I know.... but the ones that I REALLY love are $128!!! (They are below the silver flats....they are brown)

*** I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these little beauties!!!!! They are the $128 ones....but I would pay that for such happiness!!!

*** I even went shopping for my LITTLE man, Manny! I found and bought this!!! The bed is much needed because his other one fell apart when I washed it and he needed something he can grow into! I am going to get it monogrammed with his name probably in lime green.... SO CUTE! (I just realized that the dog looks JUST like him as well! Too cute!)
*** And finally...... I even took care of my BIG man, Seth.....I know this is soooo boring and domestic but Seth really wants one! So I got him one! It's a portable ice maker that's small enough to fit on the countertop. He thinks that it's the best thing since sliced bread. You put water in it and in about 5 minutes it makes the ice cubes!

*** He really wanted this one....but I WILL NOT put it in my kitchen.... it doesn't match AT ALL!

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  1. Talking about shopping...I saw this today and I just thought about you.. Talking about how OCD you are and have a file with all the future child things you want.. I think you'll want this if you have a girl! It's so you and so cute!


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