Monday, August 23, 2010

Shopping Monday

Today's post will definitely be short and sweet! I start back to nursing school tomorrow and I am trying to get everything in order!

Seth and I (along with our furry babies) will be taking "family pics" for our christmas card in November. I just set the date with the photographer! I'm super-duper excited!!! My card is VERY cute this year (if I must say so myself)... I already have it picked out. I will post about it at a later date! But in the mean time... I am planning our "outfits." We did neutral colors last year because we did all of our pics out in a field of grass. This year we want to go to downtown historic Natchitoches. It's not anything big, but it's very quaint and has tons of opportunity for great pics! Anyway, so this year I will probably wear a dress (chocolate brown or black), bright red necklace, and VERY cute red suede pumps!!! I want Seth to wear similar colors. I will do a post later about all of the fun ideas I have.... but for now I will leave you with this eye candy!
They are called "Toppazz" by Steve Madden and I LOVE THEM!!!!


  1. LOOOOOOVE these shoes!!!! I have to have them! Your Christmas Card idea sounds so great! We have to get on that ASAP!!! Good luck starting school this week!

  2. Thanks Sara! I need all the luck and prayers I can get!
    And Christmas will be here before we know it!!! I'm a freak about our cards every year though! LOL! It's always been my "creative outlet" for the year!
    PS... I still have your wedding gift! :0)

  3. Cute shoes - I need you to come shopping with me and give me a makeover one day... if I ever have money! HAHA.. Glad you scheduled your pictures!!! She did a great job last year!!!!!

  4. Andrea... any time! :0)
    I know what you mean about having the $$$$!!! LOL!


Thanks for your sweet comments! I'll get back to you ASAP! :-)