Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Recap & "Shopping Monday"

Good morning!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! We had a SUPER busy weekend! Seth and I are both exhausted!
Low-key Friday, just hung out at home after work. Saturday was busy! I nannied most of the day... even had to leave Seth with the kids for an hour and a half to do a Les Amies service project! Having kids around is a whole different ball game than just having Seth and I! LOL! More on all of that later! My daddy came to stay the night with us Saturday night. He took us to dinner and we had a great time! We got up early Sunday morning and went to 8:30 service. It was AWESOME (more on that later)! We left church and traveled to Covington for a memorial service for a wonderful young man! Please continue to pray for the Greene family of Covington, LA. They lost their 23 y/o son last Thursday in a tragic farming accident! So sad!
I've decided since I am going to try to blog more often that Monday should be "Shopping Monday." It'll give me something to look forward to at the beginning of the week! I mean... nobody really likes Mondays, but with a little fashion thrown in, it may be a little more tolerable!

Shopping Monday
I have been shopping on-line again! As you all know, I LOVE handbags and shoes! I have a little addiction! I think it's because, unlike clothes, no matter how fat I get the purses and shoes still "fit." LOL!

*This is a GORGEOUS handbag that I saw Bethenny Frankel carrying on her show! It's HUGE, which I love, and it's simple! I googled it to find it and actually found a forun where other women were talking about it, too! LOL! And the best part... It's under $200 (which is unheard of when I buy handbags)! SOOOOO excited about that! WooHoo!

*These are absolutely the CUTEST shoes ever!!! They are a little pricey but I would LOVE to have them! Maybe next summer!

* These ballet flats are soooo stinking cute! I LOVE them! And of course... they have a cute monogram!

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